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Creating a Positive Work Environment for LGBT Faculty: What Higher Education Unions Can Do


This third report in our series on diversity in higher education discusses the challenges faced by the LGBT community in our institutions of higher education and how these challenges stem from the broader issue of a lack of federal protection for LGBT civil rights. The report highlights the perceptions of LGBT faculty, staff and students about the campus climates in which they live and presents practical advice to higher education unions about how to make their institutions more inclusive and welcoming for the LGBT community. (April 2013)

On the Backs of Students and Families: Disinvestment in Higher Education and the Student Loan Debt Crisis



Right now over $1 trillion in educational debt is being carried by over 37 million Americans. The promise of higher education, which has historically been a vehicle for social mobility, and, in these times, is considered necessary for a decent job, is becoming out of reach. The problem of massive education debt cannot be solved without confronting the other challenges that beset our system of higher education. At the forefront of these problems, as detailed in this report, is the massive and ongoing disinvestment from public higher education.