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Joining AFT Colorado

How Do I Join AFT Colorado?

Do you work in:

  • A preK-12 school system (public, private or charter)?
  • An early childhood center (Head Start, child care center or family child care)?
  • A college or university system?
  • A local, state or federal government office?
  • A healthcare facility (hospital, nursing home, etc.)?

If the answer is yes, then the AFT Colorado is the place for you. .

Become a member
Membership in the AFT Colorado is usually established by joining an AFT local, a council of locals or, in some cases, a statewide affiliate. Most AFT Colorado locals are organized around a specific employer (such as a school district, a hospital or a municipality). Membership requests are handled by our affiliates and not at the national level, except for associate membership.

Become an associate member
If you are a student, are not eligible to join the union through your workplace, or live in a jurisdiction where there are no AFT locals, you may be eligible for the AFT Colorado’s associate member program. There are two types of associate memberships:

For $32.85 per month as a full-time employee, you will receive full membership into AFT Colorado, a 1 million dollar liability insurance policy, AD&D and the quarterly magazine, American Educator.  We have reduced rates for employees working less than full-time. 

Simply complete the application for membership for AFT Colorado.  You can fill out and e-mail to us or send via US Mail to 925 S. Niagara St., Suite 600, Denver, CO  80224.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to:

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